About Us


Founded in 1981, SEMCIL is a 501(c)(3) non-residential, non-profit organization that has been serving the southeastern Minnesota community since 1981. Run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, full inclusion and community participation is the foundation of the work SEMCIL does. SEMCIL partners with individuals to explore the tools and resources they need to challenge and overcome barriers and accomplish their desired goals. Boundless serves as an invitation to learn and grow into a fully inclusive future through play.



Why Boundless

It is widely recognized that the social and physical benefits of play are important to all individuals of all ages. Play allows for development in the areas of communication, coordination, problem solving, imagination, and relationship building at a pace that is determined by the individual. Children should have inclusive access to recreational activities in all communities. Parks and playgrounds are spaces that foster this need yet Southeast Minnesota lacks fully accessible play spaces, particularly indoors and in rural communities. While many community and indoor parks and playgrounds have ramp access to play structures, they lack ground level surfacing and access to many of the actual play features, including slides. These design deficiencies hinder engagement, especially for children and their caretakers who have a disability. We’ve designed Boundless to remove as many barriers as possible and to open the play experience in a new way.

Our Mission

Boundless is play and fun for everyone. It is our mission to encourage the social connection and physical importance of play, foster interactive and engagement opportunities, challenge what’s standard, and demonstrate a desire to do better every day. We promote curiosity and invite conversation about topics and issues that impact people with disabilities.

Our Vison

Our vision is a world that recognizes people by their humanity. Community spaces, both indoor and outdoor, are created for every body. Play is recognized for its invaluable contribution to physical and social growth and the human experience. Play is accessible, inclusive, and encouraged. Play is boundless.

Core Values

Our Core Values are more than just principles to guide our actions and set the standard by which we work. They are an open invitation for the public to embrace because together we can do more, do better, and create positive change.

we play

We Play: Having fun is important! Play is good for our bodies and minds. It allows us to get the wiggles out and be creative. When we play, we learn how to be friends with others, solve problems, and think in new ways. Play makes us healthier and happier. The Boundless team understands the value that play brings to all ages.

be curious

Be Curious: Being curious is healthy for our growth. It’s okay to ask questions because that’s how we learn, and learning is fun. When we’re curious we sometimes make a mistake, but that allows us to try again and ask again. We can take chances, practice, and do better. Then we can take what we learn and share it with others. Boundless values and promotes curiosity within our team and for our guests.

be loud

Be Loud: Being loud is communicating that things need to change. It’s okay to let others know when things can be done better. When we are loud together, people listen. At Boundless, we promote being loud. We work to set an example and be a resource. We do loud actions and work because we choose to, not because we have to.

do better

Do Better: Doing better is something we choose to do. It is a constant action. We focus on how we are similar and celebrate our differences. We work to be a better friend, more curious, kind, and inclusive. Our team is committed to creating a space that encourages this action. When we do better, communities do better, and together we make the world better, especially for people with disabilities.

all in

All in: As a team, we have an all-in commitment. With a core belief in the work that we do and the impact it makes, we take risks to challenge what’s comfortable. We fully support one another when those risks fail, knowing that we can and will try again. We have charged ourselves with paving a new frontier to create real progress. This is work we cannot do alone, and we invite others to join in the action for change.

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